brand elements


3WH is a business change consultancy. I had already worked with Lucy Barkas, its founder, and knew her positive, transformational approach so I had a head start when it came to rebranding the business.

The first step in creating a new brand direction for 3WH was to identify the exact things that make it special and a different kettle of fish to other consultancy businesses. Some of the words that came out of our brand discovery were integrity, empathy, inspiration and strong foundations. We wanted to transform the existing, slightly bland, logo and identity to reflect what's brilliant about 3WH.

brand mood board

The brand mood board established the direction for the designs. It communicates a strong foundation but with positive movement and change, using the ocean as a theme. 


The primary brand colours are navy and grey, with crimson, teal and copper as accents. 

This brand is still developing, so stay tuned for the next stages.

Nancy had a very calming influence allowing me to explore my inner thoughts, feelings and creativity. I loved the process - it was seamless, easy and enjoyable, and Nancy delivered something beautiful.
— Lucy Barkas, 3WH