Your logo is not your brand

Logos are important. They're like a badge for your business, an identifier that is instantly recognisable through colour, type and design. But a logo is only a part of a brand.

A brand is made up of lots of different elements, some visual, some not. It's the overall perception of your business so includes your logo, yes, but also includes the photography style on your website, the way you answer the telephone or your customer service style, for example.

Think of Anthropologie


The company has a clean, simple logo that communicates some of what it is about via the typeface and design, but to fully get Anthropologie as a brand, you need to interact with more than just its logo.

You might see an advertisement in the press or an instagram post, or visit a store. You'll experience the products, the way they are photographed, the shop layout, your interaction with the sales assistant and so on. These are all brand touchpoints that build a picture of what the company is about.

Anthropologie sells fashion, home accessories and art that feel like they've been curated from all over the world, they're unusual, colourful and authentic and with a sense of adventure and travel.

The logo by itself cannot communicate all of this. (Those that try, will almost certainly fail).

When thinking about your brand and your business, you need to think about all of the ways in which your customers experience what you do. What do those things say about you?

And for logos, my approach is always that a beautifully-designed yet simple logo will be far more powerful than something that tries to say too much.

Nancy PollerComment