Vulnerability and the fear of putting ourselves 'out there'


I was talking to a client this morning about her website, which we are in the process of creating, and she mentioned that she's finding it hard to write the copy about herself and her services to go into the pages. It's something I hear a lot, when someone is putting themselves out there in some way. Whether it's writing about ourselves, getting photographs taken or posting on social media - we feel that what we create needs to be 'perfect' before it gets released into the world.

I know when I built this website for Aligned Design Co., it somehow took me a good 6 months to finish it, not because it was a particularly difficult design project, but because subconsciously I kept delaying it and making excuses not to get around to completing it. In hindsight it's obvious that I was just scared to put all of these words and images about myself out into the world. When you think about it, it makes sense - if your business is closely aligned with your most authentic self and purpose, then there's a vulnerability in sharing it.

But there's also a beauty in being vulnerable, and for me, the people I most admire and the brands I am most attracted to are those who share themselves authentically and honestly. 

Often when we tell ourselves something isn't quite ready to be published, that it just needs a bit more refining, or we just want to edit it for the seventh time, it's really the fear talking. And that's when the phrase 'done is better than perfect' is really useful. We are probably never going to get to the point where the blog post we've just written or the 'about me' page we've created is 100% pleasing to us, but if it's 80% there, it's ready. Let's push the button. Otherwise we are just hovering in a no man's land feeling stuck.

And actually, on the other side of hitting the button is sweet relief. Not only can we stop fretting over and over, but we start getting a few 'likes', or someone comments that what we've written has really resonated with them. We wonder what on earth we were worrying about. And the next time it comes to sharing something, maybe we're a little bit braver.

Nancy PollerComment