natural haircare logo design

Flora & Curl


Flora & Curl is a hair product range specifically designed to hydrate and care for curly, afro and natural hair. Its founder, Rose, approached me to design a logo that would communicate the mission of Flora & Curl - using floral and plant extracts and 100% natural ingredients to provide effective and luxurious-to-use products that take care of curly hair's specific needs.

The logo is clean and minimal, with a droplet icon conveying the hydrating qualities of the products and soft curls added to the letterforms to appeal to the curly-haired market (of which Nancy is a proud member).

Nancy has been absolutely supportive and understanding throughout the entire process of designing the logo for my brand. She demonstrated thought, her recommendations are passionate, and she communicates genuine passion for the branding process. I love the final creation of the logo. If you are looking for a designer who will listen to your vision, understand the reasons behind it and your market, and delve deeper than the surface, look no further! I love the relationship she builds with the branding journey, and how understanding she is to ensure the vision fits within the market. The creative process with Nancy is truly aligned.
— Rose Ovensehi, Flora & Curl