Brand Styling

it's about you

You've got a remarkable business, or you're starting one up, and you know that a considered brand will help you communicate its brilliance to the world. 

Maybe your business is new and you want to launch with impact and attract the right customers from the start. Or maybe you're at the stage where your brand needs a refresh to reflect the direction you've taken and the niche you've found.

Brand discovery workbook

why your brand design matters

People respond to visual images. You can speak to them more directly with colour and images than you can with a page of text. Visuals are instant and spark an emotional reaction.

Your brand tells people who you are, why your business is right for them, and what makes it that bit special. It's how you find your tribe.

Take a look at some recent brand designs by Aligned Design Co.

why aligned design co.?

In my twenties I worked in jobs that didn't fulfill me. I did what I thought I should do and worked for promotion, salary increases and the outward impression that I was doing fine. In truth, I wasn't fine at all and eventually burned out.

With Aligned Design Co. I’m lucky enough to know the excitement and joy of running my own business that's aligned with my head, heart and passion.

I love to work with purpose-driven entrepreneurs who have finally found what they love doing, and getting to know them and their passions, ideas and ambitions, in order to create a brand identity that brings the business to life.

Brand styling session

What you have to offer is special and different from anyone else, and it's that that your customers will buy into, and keep them coming back.

My process digs deep into your reasons for being in business, where you want to go and who you want to notice you. We'll drink some coffees together and collaborate on colours, visual images and mood boards. From this close creative relationship will come an amazing brand that resonates with you and your customers, ready to dazzle the world with its brilliance.

Think we might be a good fit?