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6 ways to elevate the unboxing experience

One of the ways we love to connect e-commerce brands with their customers is through a gorgeous unboxing experience. For a relatively small investment, you can make a big difference to how it feels for a customer to receive your products in the mail. Here are some of our favourite ways to create a memorable unboxing moment:


I can’t argue that branded tissue paper is an essential for your brand. But, you’re going to need material to protect your products as they’re shipped, so why not brand it? It’s one of those things that really feels thoughtful and adds a feeling of luxury – a signal to the customer that they’ve just received something quite special.

If you already have a brand pattern, try printing that onto recycled tissue, or you could create a really simple repeat pattern of your logo or brand icons.


We recently did a poll on Instagram on whether people wanted an order to arrive in a branded mailing box. The result was exactly 50/50 with half saying they enjoyed a branded box whilst the other half couldn’t care less. My personal feeling is that the outside of the box doesn’t matter too much. It’s potentially going to arrive in a plastic courier bag or a bit bashed up from transit, so a polished design isn’t necessary. Perhaps a sticker or some branded tape is enough. Printing inside the box can be cool though if you want to add that extra flourish.


Who doesn’t love stickers? They’re something that inspires childlike joy in everyone and are a great way of encouraging interaction, as people love to stick them on their own laptop case or notebook. You can also get creative with some messages in your brand voice. Have a set of 4 or 5 designs and use them to seal the box, place inside the lid, or include a few as a bonus gift.


A great opportunity to add a personal dimension to the experience is to include a thank you card into your box. A printed card can include an invitation to share on social media, a discount on next purchase, or simply a hand-written note of thanks. One of our recent favourites is the card we designed for Pacaiba. We went all out with a thick, textured paper stock and glistening gold foil blocking. For a luxurious feel, this kind of extra detail makes all the difference and can really stand out in the customer’s mind.


We like to add a sticky tape to give a little colour and brand presence on the outer box. It’s a hint at the delights inside and lets you be playful with brand elements. It’s an opportunity for everyone who encounters your box to notice your logo and, hopefully, feel intrigued. You can see an idea we designed for BB Naturals below.


There are endless creative ways of making your unboxing experience special for your customers. Think sealing wax, coloured string, ink stamps, address labels in your brand colours and the always-appreciated gift with purchase. We love coming up with new ideas so reach out if you want to brainstorm with us. 

Don’t be afraid to tell your customers your brand story through your packaging right from the digital space to the tangible space – and don’t underestimate the magic you can create!