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Behind the scenes of a brand photoshoot

In May, we had the glorious job of travelling to Ibiza for a client photoshoot. Brand new to the luxury haircare market, Pacaiba is scheduled to launch in October this year and is all about slow care for non-straight hair. 

Inspired by a dream of a carefree island escape where she was free to be herself with all her natural beauty, the Founder’s vision for the brand from the start was a beautiful, serene, island vibe. Where better to bring this to life than the laid-back beauty of Ibiza?

Prepping for the shoot

Drawing on the brand vision, we created the art direction mood boards – an essential step to ensure photographers, stylists and videographers are aligned on what we want to create. Mood boards also give the client options and insight on how the vision will look and feel at the end. 

The key is to be as prepared as possible in the time running up to the shoot. Essential things like a props list and model outfits are crucial to bringing the shoot from a vision to reality. 

The location 

Working together, the client and photographer chose the remote, beautiful Pure House Ibiza for the early morning shoot location. Pure House is an oasis with nature in abundance – perfect for the remote island retreat feel we wanted to create. A second location at the beach at Cala Conta was chosen to capture the sunset light. The early evening shoot was the most astonishing beach setting with sandy cliff faces that seemed Pantone-matched to our brand colour palette. It couldn’t have been more perfect for our sunset island vibes.

On The Day

On a shoot, you have to be up early – we were up at 5am to make the most of the early morning light. A gorgeous mist was beginning to lift over Pure House when we arrived. Maya, the photographer, and Laura, the videographer, began setting up the first product shots while the models were prepped with hair and make up. Armed with our mood boards and a tight timeline for the day, they worked incredibly hard to achieve our vision and seemed to have a sixth sense for just the right combination of light, shadow, background and movement and captured it on the spot.

The success of this shoot was down to the incredible hard work from the team of photographers, videographers, stylists, models and of course, the client. The brand vision was captured beautifully with endless magical moments.

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