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Why your niche is your power

I wrote a post a while back outlining some of my favourite tips for branding in the beauty industry, inspired by my guest slot on the wonderful Formula Botanica’s podcast, Green Beauty Conversations (and you can listen to that here).

One year later I thought it would be a great time to update and build on that advice, having worked with some completely amazing startups to create gorgeous branding for their products and businesses in the meantime.

Your niche is your power

Finding and owning your niche as a business owner is hugely important. With more independent brands starting up every day, and customers ever more discerning about their choices, it’s vital to have a clear identity and sense of what is different about what you do, in order to get noticed by the customers and retailers you’d love to buy from you.

Perhaps it’s your passion for your products or service and what you believe in.

Maybe you use an ingredient that’s unusual or particularly special.

It could be a certain way you want your customers to feel when they use your products.

An essential part of the branding process is teasing out these particular threads and bringing them to life in your brand. You may think you don’t have a niche, but during the discovery process we will find it and clarify it.

Why is a niche so important?

Think about the brands you love, the ones you buy from time and again, the ones you stalk on instagram and actually read their marketing emails because you just get them. Chances are, these are not generic, run of the mill brands. It’s very likely that these companies have refined and honed down their messaging so that they appeal to a select group of people, including you.

One of my favourite brands is Oliver Bonas. (For non-UK readers, Oliver Bonas is a clothing, gift and homeware shop). I just love the aesthetic – bright and clean, fun, but grown-up. I read their emails and I pin their clothes on Pinterest. I am certain that Oliver Bonas does not appeal to everyone. My sister, for example, would much prefer to shop in All Saints. But Oliver Bonas doesn’t try to attract my sister and they’re right. They know their style, their niche and their message, and they’re amazingly good at it.

The same applies to all independent brands. Don’t be afraid to show who you are, what makes you special, and let your freak flag fly a little bit. That’s how you’ll attract your team of devoted fans.